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SORA - Fanart - Hot Sexy Sora by Shinkan-Seto

I think it's very very wonderful! The colors blend in together so beautifully through out it and I really admire how you made Sora's ha...

Kingdom Hearts wall plaque by souffle-etc

i think its wonderful! i really love the heartless coming out from the left side, and the paopu on the right, also that you have blende...

If anyone has something they want critiqued then just give me the link and ill do it! i love writing critiques! i never write negative ones~!

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I hope you like my gallery


Don't judge from what i favorite :iconenglandumadplz:



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theanimemonster has started a donation pool!
17 / 2,000

HEY! You there!

do you like premium memberships? i sure do...

:star: I mainly want points to give premium memberships to my friends and probably some of my favorite deviants that don't have them and sure as hell deserve them~!

in return ill do something nice for you~!
either that or you get a request~!

:heart: Fanfictions only

When you do submit points for a requests please do not make it anonymous!
And please send me a note (do NOT comment on my profile) with what you want!
And if you are donating just because you want to give me some free points (thank you so so so so much :iconletmehugyouplz:)
please comment on my profile telling me that!

Took off the Drawings :iconlooolplz:



(please expect in 2 to 4 weeks. I am a high-school student after all!)

((( note that when you tell me what you choose the fanfiction please try to be as specific as possible.))

****When telling me your request please fill in this at the top of the note and under tell me the rest***

"I would like a ((One shot/two chapter/ three chapter)) Of the pairing _____, which is _____ X _____. It is a ((yaoi/yuri/straight)) pairing of ((an anime/ my O.c.'s/ a video game)) Called ______."

-- One Shot ((5 to 6 paragraphs)): 15 points

-- Two chapter ((two separate deviations)): 30 points

-- Three chapter ((three separate deviations)): 40 points

**when doing the ones with several chapters tell me chapter by chapter what you want to happen**

****I WILL do:
- yaoi/yuri/shonen-ai/shoujo-ai
- M-preg (best at these!)
- Romance
- Comedy
- Tragedy
- Horror
- Casual (good at theses as well!)
- Marriages

****I WILL NOT do:
- Fighting (as in reenacting/ re-creating a fight in a video game)
- more than 3 chapters
- R18 material
- Shota-con/Loli-con (to an extent)
- crack pairings**
- Childbirth
- Things that do not make sense*

* (If you tell me to make a fanfiction where L is Lights father and they live in the land of Ooo in Honey Boo-Boo child's trailer I will NOT make it! You can be creative. but to an extent. i mean come on guys!)

**- Len Kagamine X Tamaki souh... I can get that. but don't say something like Ikuto Tsukiyomi X America from Hetalia. that just doesn't make sense

Thank you! :iconcheerylenplz:

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私はあなたを信じている \(^.^)/~!
Artist | Student | Literature
United States

Sora beating Riku by Mikeinel

Name:: Roxanna F. Gomez

Age:: Fourteen

Nationality:: Guatemalan/Italian/Spanish

Gender:: Female

D.O.B:: January 26 1998

Occupation:: Freshman in high school

Religion:: Agnostic

:iconblackrose-1::iconblackrose-2::iconblackrose-3:Welcome Sign by xXMandy20Xx:iconblackrose-5::iconblackrose-6::iconblackrose-7x:

Vintage Stamp by Kezzi-RoseKeep Calm Stamp by Kezzi-Rose:thumb294392067:Kezzi's Stamps Stamp by Kezzi-RoseJack Frost by Scarecrow--StampsStamp - I love Green Tea by r0se-designsJust Practicing by madoka-chuuStamp by wolf-wisperCoffee Lover Stamp by A-Sent-MiracleI love anime stamp by vero-g6-stampsJack Frost by tulipano90Best Friends Fight by postmortummHeaphones by Lyn-ZoRose STAMP by pofezionalindie rock star by blackmoonfaeryI love Brown Tabbies by WishmasterAlchemistVintage by HappyStamp'Kingdom Hearts' Fan stamp by DAXRULZ:thumb288279579:


Hello there sweetie!
welcome to my page :iconcuteplz:

I'm Roxanna (don't forget the "Na" people. It's Roxan"NA" not Roxanne)

:star: Nicknames you can call me!
- Roxan
- Roxy
- Roxas
- Nene-tan
- Sleepy <-- preferred

:star: BESTEST BESTIE FRIEND OF BEST FRIENDS ---> :iconedkoolness:

:star: I'm a lovable girl. but not in the sort of way that I'm broadcasting myself to everyone. I'm just saying if you like to have clingy,mushy, lovey friends I'm right here for you. you can consider me the person you can talk to when your sad or lonely I'll cheer you up~! :iconfrufflesplz:

:star: This might sound kind of stupid but please don't be mean to me. I'm not saying that because I'm a crybaby, wimp or wuss. I'm saying that because I have a VERY sensitive heart

:star: I like yaoi,shonen-ai,yuri, shoujo-ai but that doesn't mean If you don't like it I'll shove my fandom down your throat like my parents do with their Christianity =n=
I'll still like you even if you were an alien from mars for all I care ^u^

:star: Sorry but that's kind of it for now my likes and dislikes are below so are some of my friends and my inspirations.
If you want to know more about just put a little comment on my profile "I'd like to know more about you." and that's all it takes for me to tell you everything :iconcuteplz:

:icongreenheartplz: My tumblr:

I am a proud Co-founder for the group :icondistancedreamers:
so please join our group, watch us. etc etc 
and that of course means i love the game kingdom hearts. its my passion 


:iconsmilieplz: Stamp - I speak spanish by elytSoN
Yo puedo hablar español con fluidez, así que si usted también sabe español por favor, que hablar conmigo! Me encanta hablar español!
lo siento si algunos de mi español no es la mejor o la correcta también, porque soy un poco de Inglés más cómodo.
y si usted no sabe mucho Inglés y necesita ayuda con algo por favor no dude en preguntarme


person 1: hey
person 2: hi.
their sexual tension is killing me


i make Fanfictions. (duh) *so far only one original story*
my fanfictions are mainly from kingdom hearts or vocaloid, because i like those pairings the most. I only write yaoi at the moment. i do like yuri but i dont really...have the skill.
:iconlovepurpleplz: I really love writing, but sometimes i get writers block, sometimes i start a story, im in the middle. and my train of thought doesnt CRASHES
either that or i know the plot, the settings, whats going to happen, then when i sit down to start writing.....nothing :iconoelplz:


My favorite song:




sweets, vintage/old timey things, One Direction, Larry Stylinson, Tumblr, Union J, tea, coffee, Christmas, Sad Books/Movies, Good Food, Anime, Sherlcok Holmes. Winnie The Pooh, Fruit, Boys, Girls, Nice people

Demyx Dont Be Mad Stamp by LenaLawliet


hate, nagging, spicy food, being mad, manly people, sokai, kairi, people who show off, people who dont like sweets, when Popsicle melt, dead animals, milk, most boys, some girls, love sticky things, people who don't support gay rights, elounor, MOST DIRECTIONERS




DA family:

:iconmv9plz: Twin: :iconblackandwhiteraver:
:iconmv9plz: Wife: :iconsoraismysky:
:iconmv10plz: big sister: :iconlennie-baby:
:iconmv11plz: Sister-in-law: :iconkelseynicolef3119:
:iconmv12plz: other Sister-in-law :iconunfaithfulyoru:

my DA friends:

:iconsoraismysky: :iconanimeotaku1999: :iconghostygoober: :icongibsy24: :iconunfaithfulyoru: :iconlennie-baby: :iconaskkagaminelen-chan: :iconblackandwhiteraver: :iconshon2: :iconkelseynicolef3119: :icongilbertnythrait: :iconrunningfromtime: :iconsho-lovescereal212: :icontempestoffeathers: :iconshakespeareankoala: :iconamante-degli-orologi:

Friends in Real life

:iconedkoolness: :iconjellybeanmouse: :iconaurelieia: :iconpixelscreams: :icondonitkitt:
....I need more :iconoelplz:




:star: :iconamante-degli-orologi: Neo! your on my prodile now~! GIVE NEO LOVE AND FAVORITE EVERYTHING THEY HAVE BECAUSE ITS AMAZING AND NEO DOESNT GET THE POPULARITY THEY DESERVE!! i love you neo!! if your reading this you are an amazing friend person!

:star: :icongibsy24: Is my friend thats older than me :iconpedobearapprovedplz: shes awesome and loves all my stuff! shes a great friend! she was also one of my first watchers! i love you for that :icongoodjobplz: I hope to meet her one day at anime boston!

:star: :iconghostygoober: She is my honey bun :iconrawr-plz: Shes so nice to me :iconkaitomikuglompplz: I love having her as a friend shes also like my pedo bear since shes a year older and likes me :iconweeeplz:

:star: :iconedkoolness::iconnyuuplz: Is my best friend in RL, and here on DA. we knew each other since we we're 6, and now we're both 14 and nothing has changed :iconfyeahplz:
we've never gotten into a fight before. never been mad at each other. and we're both Yaoi loving perverts who stop crime and don't believe in God! :iconlengotswagplz:
she also Owns my A-cup boobs :iconultimateplz:

:star: :icontempestoffeathers: I am her Fangirl :iconfangirlingplz: I completely spazzed out when she watched me. I love all her art! shes my inspiration!
she's also very sweet and kind to me >//u//<

and last but probably even one of the first
:star: :iconsoraismysky:
Destiny is an amazing person. shes funny, beautiful, all of that good stuff in a ham sandwich.
give her love!
Not THAT much love though.




My Favorite Deviants:


:icontempestoffeathers: :iconichigo-tan: :iconziyoling: :iconloyproject: :iconfrappzilla: :iconx-lilou-chan-x: :iconpekou: :iconmuura: :iconkanade-miyu: :icondigikat04: :iconcarcarchu: :icondixzallicx: :iconcherrystarwberry7: :iconihaveahi5: :iconrotemamba: :iconmoenitas: :iconmizury: :iconamante-degli-orologi: :icondemiseman: :iconmokalo: :iconzurika-chan: :iconkurofur: :iconyaoi-master-forever: :iconferoren: :iconakirakirai: :icongofu-web:

Go watch all of them~!

Happy anime girl Pictures, Images and Photos

I love all my 73 watchers!!
:star: I really do love all of you

Dangos look like mochi =u=

  • Listening to: Jason Mraz- Beautiful Mess
  • Reading: Wanting to read something but don&#039;t have anyt
  • Watching: Sherlock
  • Drinking: Rosy Lea
So I'm just going to leave all this rubbish here since I don't think I'll be making another journal after this for some time.

Other ways to contact me:
:rose: My Tumblr:
:rose: My Twitter:
That's kind of it though I go on Tumblr bleedin' much now a days I think that'd be the best choice

Just a quick message on one of those and bobs your uncle I will talk to you a lot more since I don't get on too often here.

And now I sit on my bum and tell you all that I love you (Which I do) and bye I'll be coming on to empty my deviant messages, upload an occasional work and just to over-all muck about the place till I get bored and leave.

So again bye everyone for now until I decide to come back on and now I'm off to enjoy some kind of snack I can scavenge from the fridge and a rosy lea.

Oh! One last quick thing. Does anyone know of any good novels to read (not the typical harry potter, hunger games rubbish well, not RUBBISH but I don't want to read those books.)
Just a one novel starting and ending in one book that is a nice read.

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